Invigilators begin Negotiations with Concordia

November 2015


Invigilators begin Negotiations with Concordia


In June our Bargaining Team was elected and since then we have worked hard to prepare the proposals for our first collective agreement for Invigilators.


On November 5th our Bargaining Team met with the University for the first time to exchange these proposals. The Team presented our demands on issues critical to our members, including job postings and hiring, hours of work, and working conditions. We also discussed disciplinary measures as well as the grievance procedure.


Additional negotiations dates set for the New Year


We have agreed to resume bargaining January 28th and 29th. We indicated to the University that our team will be prepared for its response on our proposals.     


We will update you as things progress. If you have any questions speak with a member of our Bargaining Team. They can be reached at, 514-848-2424 ext. 2917 or 613-324-5634.


Invigilators at Concordia

United for a Fair Contract



Our Bargaining Team:


Sonia Afrin

Eileen Chan

Mario Iorio

Yoana Turnin

Erin Sirett, PSAC Negotiator

French Version:

novembre 2015


Surveillants d’examen et Concordia : début des négos


Depuis l’élection de notre équipe en juin, nous préparons les revendications en vue de la négociation de la première convention collective des surveillants d’examen.


Le 5 novembre, nous avons rencontré l’employeur pour une première fois afin de lui soumettre nos propositions. Elles visent des enjeux essentiels pour nos membres, y compris l’affichage des postes et l’embauche, les heures de travail et les conditions de travail. Nous avons également abordé les mesures disciplinaires et la procédure de règlement des griefs.


Dates fixées pour la nouvelle année


Les pourparlers reprendront les 28 et 29 janvier. Nous avons avisé l’employeur que nous serons prêts à l’entendre sur nos revendications.


Nous vous tiendrons au courant de la situation. Si vous avez des questions, n’hésitez pas à communiquer avec un membre de votre équipe de négociation :; 514-848-2424, poste 2917, ou au 613-324-5634.


Surveillants d’examen à Concordia

Solidaires pour une convention équitable


Notre équipe de négociation :


Sonia Afrin

Eileen Chan

Mario Iorio

Yoana Turnin

Erin Sirett, négociatrice, AFPC






Unacceptable Cuts??!! (Up to 30%)

TAs and RAs,


TRAC has canceled the next bargaining meeting with Concordia because the employer seem not to be seriously negotiating.

The other reasons to make this important decision are as follows:

1. Up to 30% cut to be expected by Concordia’s new proposal and inflicted on a substantial part of our members.

2. For the last 4 months, since Concordia has reached out to our president, Nader Jafari Nodoushan, and requested to go back to the negotiation table they have done nothing to prove their willingness to reach an agreement and have simply been offering the same proposal in different manners.

3. Concordia is not willing to accept the cost of what they agreed on a year and half ago.

4. TAs and RAs are the core of carrying out the academic plan and the very group Concordia is not caring for at all. Concordia officially claims that “We’ve also continued to increase graduate student support”, “Promote program quality” and “Build support for student success” which is clearly in conflict with their negotiation strategies.

5. Our request for Concordia to increase the pay grades is just a drop in the ocean and nothing compared to Concordia's budget.


In solidarity,

TRAC Bargaining Committee


TRAC Fall Party 28th October, 2015

On Wednesday October 28th more than a hundred TAs and RAs gathered at the TRAC fall party in The Hive Café and once again proved their solidarity and support for TRAC, their very own union. The members enjoyed music, beverages, snacks and dinner throughout the night, discussed their issues with their executive committee and paved the way to having a more powerful union with their presence. We would like to thank everyone who attended the party and made the night a very special occasion. TRAC is truly proud of you guys and your continuous support. Keep up the good work TRAC members!  


We all are incredibly happy that TRAC is more known and recognizable as a university sector among unions now, and this couldn't be achieved without all the efforts in finding more and more ways to publicize and fight for what we all want. Your unbelievable support in the General Meeting and all the tablings made the dream of growing stronger one step closer to reality and was the only inspiration for us.

We are now here to celebrate all these sweet things together, and thank you all for your care and effort as we say GoodBYE to FALL and GREETING WINTER with planing for new and bigger goals. Join us once more, hear about the updates, share your concerns, have some refreshments and food and on top of all chill out together!

Please register for the Party HERE.


HIVE Café, Hall Building- Mezzanine (2nd Floor)


October 28, at 6:00 pm

TRAC General Meeting 9th September 2015

After around a year and half with full of problems finally TRAC is coming back in its right way with more power by full support of its members. TAs and RAs were united in their general meeting, for three hours and half, debating important resolutions resulted in the most important decissions of the union and their political work. President Nader Jafari Nodoushan said

"Now that our memebrs showed their support one more time by attending the general meeting and playing role in the most significant decissions of their union, we are all backing the bargaining comittee to bargain much stronger."

Some highlights from the general meeting:

  • Ongoing Bargaining with Concordia
  • Invigilators Bargaining Unit under TRAC
  • Budget Plan for 2015-2016 year
  • Laber Relation Update
  • Merging the TA and RA Collective Agreements
  • Election of Mobilization Officer​


​Meeting Minutes of the meeting is available here.

TRAC General Meeting

Now it's time to hear from us. TRAC is calling all members to come together for the first GA of 2015-2016. 

Important subjects such as our plans and bargaining matters will be discussed and all will be voted in the same day. Don't forget to show up and have a word in the most important decisions of your union.

For the agenda and more information please follow TRAC Facebook and see the Website.

When: September 9, 2015 at 5:00 pm.

Where: Hall Building, 7th floor, 763

Please bring a current pay stub or the contract that you have held since Fall 2014.

“A word in your union = A change in your working condition”


  1. Opening session by president
  2. Approval of the agenda
  3. Reports of the following subjects:
    1. Bargaining
    2. Grievances and Labor Relations
    3. Mobilization
    4. Election of Mobilization Officer (Appication deadline: 5th September)
  4. Approval of the budget plan for 2015-2016 year
  5. Approval of the Invigilators Unionization under TRAC
  6. Merging the TA and RA Collective Agreements
  7. Adjournment

Bylaws Committee Position

After 3 years of working, TRAC needs to review its current bylaws and regulations and change it if needed. There are 2 open positions for members to work on this in the committee. Work includes a review of our current bylawas and regulations, find its drawbacks, and a research on bylaws and regulations of other unions.

Interest in union work is needed!

You can find our current bylaws and regulations here.

For more information and apply, contact

TRAC New Logo Design Contest

We are in search of a new logo for TRAC. If you are interested in graphic design, help your union to have a great new logo and stand a chance to win a prize.

The contest is open to all TRAC members and the winning design will be used as the new official TRAC logo .The winner will also win a $200 gift card.

These information can be used inside the logo: 

- PSAC Local 12500 


- Teaching and Research Assistant at Concordia 


- TRAC is PSAC (Public Service Alliance of Canada) local 12500. It's a plus if your designed logo has some similarity in color or design with PSAC logo. Here is PSAC logo:


If you would like to know more about PSAC, watch this video.

Submission deadline is August 31. For more information and to submit your work, contact

Update on Negotiations

Concordia has reached our president, Nader Jafari Nodoushan, and requested to forget Concordia's first proposal of the pay grades and to be back on the negotiation table.

"We are going to have a cooperative environment between the employee and the employer at Concordia University. However, we care about the value of our members' job as TA or RA and we are strongly standing against any loss of salary." President Nader Jafari Nodoushan said.