The RALLY in support of the 15$ minimum wage Campaign!

Continuing the supportive actions for the aim of a 15$ minimum wage for all the workers, there will be rally on Saturday, October 15th.

The Old-port union decided to continue striking. It’s been a while that this union is on strike and all other unions, including TRAC have been in support of them so to get theirs and every single workers’ right as to be able to afford their minimum expenses. 
Join us and other student union sections to support this campaign in solidarity. The schedule for the rally is given below. In addition, TRAC will provide the transportation ticket for all the members who are going to join us for this great cause.

Email us at : by not later than October 14th at 12 PM, if you intend to participate and need the transportation fair.

Schedule of the rally:

10:30 Press briefing 
11:00 Rally 
11:30 The march starts. 
12:30 End of march and closing event.

Meeting Place:

Parc le Prévost 
Ave. Chritophe-Colomb and Rue Jean-Talon, 
Between metro stations Jean-Talon and Fabre