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Teaching and Research Assistant Delegates

Teaching and Research Assistant (TA and RA) Delegates are volunteers from all departments and faculties of Concordia University.
On a daily basis, they make sure the Collective Agreement is respected and enforced in different departments.

TRAC trains its delegates each year, and delegates and executives meet each month. During these monthly meetings, we discuss department-related problems and strategies to help make our union stronger and more representative. They also help TRAC executives by helping with events, mobilization, or by participating in committees.

You can refer to the list of TRAC active Delegates below. Is your department missing a Delegate? Would you like to become a TRAC Delegate for your department? Contact us at [email protected]

# Delegate Department Contact
1 Mariam Salib Building, Civil & Environmental Engineering (BCEE) [email protected]
2 Rebecca Waldie Communication [email protected]

Golnaz Davalloo


[email protected]


Masoumeh Zaare


[email protected]


Mojtaba Hasannezhad

Electrical and Computer Science

[email protected]


Neda Ebrahimi

Electrical and Computer Science

[email protected]


Jacqueline Ristola

Film Studies

[email protected]


Sylvain Payen

Individualized programs (INDI)

[email protected]

9 Reza Khoee Management [email protected]
10 Aditya Malik Management

[email protected]

11 Hossein Ghayour Mechanical, Industrial & Aerospace Engineering (MIAE)

[email protected]

12 Mehdi Kharazmi Mechanical, Industrial & Aerospace Engineering (MIAE)

[email protected]

13 Abbas Zarish Psychology [email protected]
Invigilator Delegates

The TRAC Invigilator Delegate Council meets once a month to bring up issues, problems, and solutions for improving the working conditions of invigilators at Concordia.
The inaugural Invigilator Delegates were elected at TRAC’s September 2018 General Assembly by the union’s invigilator membership.

Invigilator Delegate Council 2018/19:
Abeer Amayri (ACSD Delegate)
Pia Colatriano (Final Exams Office Delegate)
Kathy Fugere (Final Exams Office Delegate)
Neil Pisterman (Departmental Mid-Term Exam Delegate)

Social Delegates

TRAC is looking to select two (2) Social Delegates from the Loyola campus and one (1) Social Delegate from the SGW campus. These are voluntary positions. Selected Social Delegates will, however, receive 18$/hour for basic training (provided by the Conseil régional FTQ Montréal métropolitain (CRMM). This training will allow them to develop their listening skills, know where to find resources, and to learn prevention-based support strategies.

Subsequently, multiple complementary training activities and courses are offered (not compensated):
– Regional information evenings: a complement training;
– Annual CRMM Social Delegate conferences: to consolidate the network;
– Thematic training days;
– Additional training on request.

To apply, please send a CV and short letter of motivation to [email protected] by October 31st, 2018.

The Union of Teaching and Research Assistants at Concordia (TRAC) is looking for members to join its Social Delegate Network. A Social Delegate is a member who engages in mutual aid with other members who face personal difficulties. They provide peer support based on listening in order to refer their colleagues who express the need to union, community, or professional resources. The help offered is related to substance abuse issues, to the family, to mental health, to indebtedness, and many other situations that our members experience.

Social Delegates form a network at TRAC and across Montreal that can be counted on in our workplace; it helps to improve our well-being as well as quality of life and work.

Goals of the Social Delegate Network:
– Ensure the well-being of our members;
Offer peer-to-peer, voluntary and confidential assistance;
Prioritise prevention-based strategies and support.

    The Teaching and Research Assistants at Concordia (TRAC) is a labour union local comprising the teaching assistants and research assistants at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebéc.


    PR-204 and PR-205
    2100 MacKay, Montreal, QC H3G 2J1


    514 848 2424 extension 2917


    [email protected]