Our Team

Executive Council

President: Charles Orme
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The President represents the union, supervises all union activities, and participates with both Grievance Officers in mediation processes with Concordia.

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The Vice-President helps and supports the President with their mandate.

Secretary-Treasurer: Sahar Alinezhad
[email protected]
The Secretary-Treasurer is responsible for the union’s finances, accounting, and liberation hours.

Grievance Officer: Zarish Abbas
[email protected]
The Grievance Officer supports members who may have work issues or problems with how the collective agreement is applied by the employer.

Bargaining Officer
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The Bargaining Officer coordinates bargaining with the employer of all work units of the union and closely works with both grievance officers on the improvement of working conditions.

Communication & Mobilization Officer: Jacqueline Ristola
[email protected]
The Communication and Mobilization Officer assures all members
receives information about TRAC,  works closely and recruit new delegates, and coordinates the union’s mobilization plan.


Office Administrative Assistant
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    The Teaching and Research Assistants at Concordia (TRAC) is a labour union local comprising the teaching assistants and research assistants at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebéc.


    PR-204 and PR-205
    2100 MacKay, Montreal, QC H3G 2J1


    514 848 2424 extension 2917


    [email protected]