Grievance Basics

A grievance is a legally recognized, formal complaint filed by the Union on behalf of a member. A grievance can be filed when the workers rights are not respect. Our rights are established by our Collective Agreements, which we negotiate with the employer, or by the Quebec Labor Code.


Our grievance officer will meet with the member together they determine the appropriate course of action, based on the severity of the offence and the desired outcome.

  • Who is involved? The grievor, the witness(es) – need their contact information, department, job title, etc.
  • What happened? What are those involved prepared to do? What are those who were not involved prepared to do?
  • Where did the grievance take place? Be specific.
  • When did the incident or problem occur? Document dates and times. Know the grievance procedure time limits.
  • Why is this a grievance? It is a conflict or problem that contravenes an article or articles of the collective agreement or other legislation.
  • What does the grievor want as a remedy?

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